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Our System

Tri Thermal Roofing System:

High Strength, Low Weight

The TTR® system reduces the load on the building by replacing 3 pounds per square feet of gravel with less than one pound of new roofing material without tearing off the existing roof. The patented TTR System has replaced the U.V. protective coating with a fully adhered single-ply EPDM (rubber) membrane over the roofing foam. The membrane provides an additional water tight seal as well as an extra layer of durability with no fasteners, no expensive primers and no required re-coats.  Learn more…

Cox Roofing Systems:

Cost Savings

On average, our clients experience a 25% to 35% savings in reduced energy costs. Our Polyurethane foam has the highest R-value and stops 90% of heat loss from going through the roof. The roofing system is seamless with no joints or gaps! This gives you a return on your investment in only 4-7 years. Along with the great environmental benefits of the TTR System, Roof top landscapes and Photovoltaic panels can be installed over top of the system with full warranty.  Learn more…

Cox Roofing News & Updates

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